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Suchet gives blessing to new Poirot

David Suchet has said he gives his blessing to whoever goes on to play Poirot next.

The 67-year-old actor is bowing out of the role of the famous Belgian detective after 25 years, having filmed every case Agatha Christie ever wrote for Poirot.

But David said: "There will be another Poirot, of course there will.

"And if I'm alive, I look forward to encouraging him, exactly the same way as another great actor encouraged me - Peter Ustinov. He said, 'You'd make a much better Poirot than I ever will, because you could look like him'."

David appeared as Inspector Japp opposite Peter Ustinov as Poirot in a 1985 TV film of Thirteen At Dinner.

It was recently revealed that crime novelist Sophie Hannah has been commissioned to write a new Poirot novel, but despite his attachment to the role, David is not keen to reprise it for the new adventure.

"I don't see how I can revive myself for a story that is not Agatha Christie," he said.

"However, I'd love to do a remake of one of the stories for a movie. I would love to do The ABC Murders, which is my favourite. There's nothing to stop me reprising the story for cinema, because I've never done a cinema Poirot."

After 25 years David is a devoted fan of the late Agatha Christie's work - but he is still not sure he would have liked to have met her in person.

"The first time I had any idea that she would have been pleased - and I was very nervous because she hated her characters being shown on television - was when the late Rosalind Hicks, her daughter, said to me, 'I think my mother would have been delighted'. That, coming from her, was quite something.

"Would I like to meet her now? I think I'd still be frightened. Just in case..."

:: Curtain: Poirot's Last Case is on ITV on Wednesday, November 13.


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