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Sugar hopes to inspire youngsters

Lord Sugar hopes the Young Apprentice will inspire young people to set up their own businesses instead of going to university.

With university tuition fees set to rocket, the businessman sees no reason why teenagers can't start up their own companies after leaving school.

He said: "We want to show you can start something from nothing. We want to get away from this culture of going to university, then going to have a gap year for two years, then getting a job at some consultants or going on the dole.

"There's too much of what I call an expectancy culture. I'm afraid to say that the goody-goody benefits system has made it a bit too cushy for people and now it's time for a wake-up call. This programme proves that you can start to make some money and stand on your own two feet."

His business advisor on the show Karren Brady added: "Our series doesn't show the quick fix. It's not a talent show. You do have to actually think about things, you need to know a little bit about maths and you do have to work hard and show determination. But with that, great things can be achieved."

:: Young Apprentice starts on BBC One on Monday, October 24.


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