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Sunny outlook for tennis followers

With the Glastonbury festival this weekend and the Wimbledon tennis championships kicking off next week, music lovers and tennis buffs alike will be casting an eye upwards.

Held at Worthy Farm, six miles east of the town of Glastonbury in Somerset, the festival was founded in 1970.

The festival ran intermittently between 1970 and 1981, but has been staged every year since (except for "fallow years", typically taken around every five years, which have been installed to give the land, local population and organisers a break).

On Friday, a band of showery rain will push across Worthy Farm.

There is some uncertainty in the timing of the rain but it looks to push away to the east by around 4pm to leave dry conditions for the evening acts.

Saturday will see a ridge of high pressure extend up from the south-west and lead to fine and rather warm weather with temperatures reaching the low 20s.

Pressure will fall overnight though whilst a warm front pushes in from the south-west to give the chance of a brief spell of rain around dawn on Sunday.

This rain should quickly push away on Sunday to leave a dry interlude, but a cold front is then expected to push a spell of rain (lasting a couple of hours) through during the afternoon; dry again by late afternoon.

Whilst festival goers take down their tents at Glastonbury on Monday, the Wimbledon tennis championships kick off in London.

Wimbledon is the third grand slam event of the year (following the Australian Open and more recently the French Open, and preceding the US Open which comes in the autumn) and is the only one to still be played on grass.

After being regularly plagued by rainfall, in 2009 the tournament's Centre Court was fitted with a retractable roof...will this be needed much this year?

There is now growing confidence that a high pressure system will extend up from the continent over the North Sea and into Scandinavia through the first part of next week.

This will lead to prolonged dry conditions with increasingly warm or even hot air being dragged up from the south-east.

Indeed, there is the chance that by mid-week temperatures will reach the high 20s of even low 30s at SW19.

Through the second half of the week (and into the following week), a fair amount of uncertainty enters the forecast.

However, the most likely scenario is that cooler and somewhat wetter conditions, perhaps preceded by a thundery episode, will spread in from the west/north-west - confidence is very low in how quickly the breakdown in the heat will occur.

Although some rain is likely at Worthy Farm this weekend, a wash out is definitely not expected with some warm sunshine on offer.

Meanwhile, those visiting Wimbledon during the first week of the tournament should be prepared for some hot conditions, at least for a time.


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