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Suranne Jones prefers TV producing over acting work

Suranne Jones was unsure about taking on a second season of Doctor Foster because she felt under pressure following the success of the first series.

Suranne Jones has hinted her time as an actress may be coming to an end.

The 39-year-old is reprising her role as Gemma Foster in season two of Doctor Foster, which premieres on Tuesday night (05Sep17). She also took on an associate producer role on the series follow-up and said during an interview on This Morning on Tuesday that she thoroughly enjoyed working behind the scenes.

Asked if she preferred being behind the camera to acting, Suranne shared: "A little bit, maybe. I love the development. I'm so lucky to work with writers like Mike Bartlett and Sally Wainwright.

"I produce stuff. I produced the last Scott & Bailey (TV series). I'm kind of learning. I wasn't very good at school, (and) I feel like I'm kind of at school and doing all the academic stuff behind the camera and I really like it."

The pressure is on for the next instalment of Doctor Foster to match the success of the first, which saw Suranne's character discover her husband was having an affair. And it was this pressure that almost turned the actress off of making a second series of the drama.

"When people love something so much, you don't want to disappoint. I don't want to do a second series just because it's successful. And infidelity - it's a serious subject to some people and I didn't want to just do another one."

However, her mind was changed when the show's creators told her: "No-one covers divorce and what that does to a child and what that does to a couple when you can't actually divorce, when you're still parenting."

Suranne added: "I thought that's an important programme to make."

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