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Susanna Reid loses planking challenge to Sean Fletcher on Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid has been beaten in a planking competition by fellow Good Morning Britain presenter Sean Fletcher.

The two faced off as part of the ITV show's diet and fitness plan, Eat More, Lose More, with Fletcher taking the top spot on the GMB leader board.

Before they started, Reid predicted: "I think the winner's going to be Sean."

But Fletcher was pessimistic, saying: "I know you're a gym bunny, so I don't think that's right."

In the clip posted on the ITV website, the two were soon struggling to hold the pose, which involves holding a press-up position to strengthen the core muscles.

When Fletcher accused Reid of making things easier by sticking her bottom in the air, she retorted: "That's what comes of having a slightly larger bottom than average."

He told Reid that she had to beat her co-presenter Piers Morgan's time: "He did quite well. You've got to beat Piers."

Reid gave in at 03:11, while Fletcher made it to the top of the leader board, with 05:09.

However, coming in at fourth, Reid was able to beat Morgan - who is currently at seventh.

The Eat More, Lose More campaign is based on a 100-day plan to help viewers lose weight by eating healthily and exercising.


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