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Susanna Reid: Piers Morgan 'shakes people up' on Good Morning Britain sofa


Good Morning Britain presenters Piers Morgan, left, and Susanna Reid

Good Morning Britain presenters Piers Morgan, left, and Susanna Reid

Good Morning Britain presenters Piers Morgan, left, and Susanna Reid

Piers Morgan has "shaken up" Good Morning Britain since joining the show as presenter, his co-host Susanna Reid has said.

Former tabloid editor Morgan joined Reid on the sofa in November last year and the duo have built a reputation for their love-hate on-screen relationship.

Appearing on ITV's Loose Women, the former BBC Breakfast presenter revealed she inadvertently admitted her love for Morgan on Twitter recently after leaving her phone unattended.

"I went out of the studio on the pretext of going actually to interview my former co-presenter BIll Turnbull in the green room and I come back and apparently I've told the world 'yes, it's true, I love Piers Morgan.'

"I've never seen so many tweets. 'I love Piers Morgan, I've finally admitted it'."

She dubbed him a "cheeky monkey" over the prank.

Asked how she had adapted to life with Morgan, Reid said: "It's been a fantastic year. Piers has been phenomenal. He's come in, he's shaken the programme up. The audience absolutely love him he's got a very explosive personality.

"There is never a moment of silence because he is usually talking.

"He is explosive, he shakes people up, he wakes people up and I think I'm there just to provide a bit of calm, a little bit of balance."

She described her Thursday show, which she presents with Ben Shephard, as "therapeutic Thursdays".

The host also spoke about GMB's 1 Million Minutes campaign, which encourages v iewers of the ITV breakfast to pledge their time to volunteer for a lonely older person this Christmas.

Launching the campaign last week, the presenter was fitted with a grey wig, prosthetic wrinkles and age spots to get an understanding of how it feels to be older.

"I still feel in my twenties and, of course, when I looked in the mirror made up as an 85-year-old, I thought to myself 'but I don't feel any older' and then I thought 'but of course I won't feel any older'.

"When I'm 85, I will still feel exactly the same as I do now so we mustn't think of people as older people, they are just people, they are members of our family, they're who we are going to be."