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Sutherland 'will not watch 24'

Kiefer Sutherland has said he will not be tuning in to the new series of 24, admitting he has not watched himself on screen for almost 30 years.

The 47-year-old actor also said his character in the hit show, agent Jack Bauer, might be "a little slower" this series as the years catch up on him.

Appearing on tomorrow's edition of The Jonathan Ross Show on ITV, Sutherland said he had not watched himself on screen since his appearance in Stand By Me in 1986 because he was so upset with the way he came over on screen.

He said: "I was standing there, we watched the movie and everything I thought I wanted to do, I hadn't done at all. All I saw was myself up there and I was mortified and my girlfriend was saying, 'I thought it was really great.' I said, 'Don't patronise me. I need to get another job. If I don't get another job and this comes out I'm dead and my career is over.'"

He added:"I haven't watched an episode of 24, no. But I know how it goes, I have read the script."

Sutherland is currently filming the next series of 24 in London but stayed tight-lipped about the plot, saying:"I can't tell you anything about the story. There are some things, we're not reinventing the show. So Jack is going to have a bad day.

"We're doing 12 episodes this year instead of 24."

He also said some old characters from previous series could reappear and said his character might be a bit less of an all-action hero, telling Jonathan: "It might be a little slower, I have to be honest. I have to kind of skip, hop before I can start to run, just so I don't snap a tendon."


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