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Taggart's Duff slams DC Fraser axe

Taggart actress Blythe Duff has hit out at the decision to drop co-star Colin McCredie from the show.

The actor, who played DC Stuart Fraser in the Glasgow-based police drama, will not appear when the programme returns this weekend.

He was told his character would not be returning to the show shortly after filming the show's 100th episode.

The new six episode series will begin on Sunday without him. It marks the 27th year of crime show.

The new series sees Blythe Duff, Alex Norton and John Michie return as DS Reid, DI Burke and DS Ross alongside new characters and guest stars. It is the first series to be co-produced by STV with ITV, rather than an ITV commission.

The show has new writers, directors and a new producer, but Blythe said there was "great sadness" among the team at the decision to axe Colin's character, adding that "something is lost from the programme" with his departure.

The 47 year-old, who has been in the show for 20 years, told the Daily Record newspaper: "It has been really tricky and a strong reminder of how sh**y this business can be. You can be gone in the click of a finger.

"Nobody likes to think that's how this business works, but this gives everyone a reminder that nothing is for good.

"It's like a bereavement. We just have to hope our lovely, strong friendship can come through that."

But she said the "essence" of the longest running police drama in the world had been retained: "I'm really pleased. Some of the new scenes look amazing, the tenement closes, the Barras, some great scenes in Glasgow."


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