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Taking children back to US would be bad parenting, says Rob Delaney

Catastrophe star Rob Delaney has said it would be "bad parenting" if he moved back to the US with his children in the current political climate.

The American actor, writer and comedian is living in the UK while he works on the Channel 4 sitcom, and is happy to be living in London, but said he wishes he could be "physically present" at the anti-Donald Trump protests happening across his home nation.

Delaney told the Radio Times: "I'd like to be in the United States right now, with Trump as president. I'd like to be physically present at protests."

But he said he is concerned about Mr Trump's stance on healthcare, and will not return.

"In the United States of America you could be denied healthcare if you have a pre-existing condition, which can literally include 'has had a child'," said Delaney, a father-of-three.

"It would be bad parenting for me to bring children back to that country."

Democratic supporter Delaney last year raised tens of thousands of dollars to target Republicans who turned their backs on Mr Trump after the release of the tape of him speaking lewdly about women.

Delaney, who is known for tweeting and airing his political views, said he thought he was "just joking around with a clown" in the run-up to the US election, and that he should have known Mr Trump would win.

He said: "I'm not self-flagellating and saying mea culpa, because he is a clown, he continues to be a clown.

"He's just a dangerous one. But to think that he couldn't win? Yeah, shame on me."

Delaney said the "stage was set" for Mr Trump to win because so many US citizens did not vote.

He said: "That speaks to a cancer-ridden electorate. The cancer of wilful ignorance, of laziness. When the largest number of people vote for no one, you can end up with somebody like Trump.

"It's my fervent prayer that his election is a wake-up call. I mean, it has been for me. I thought I was awake."

Delaney said he loves living in the British capital and working with his Catastrophe co-star Sharon Horgan.

He said: "I'm crazy about London, I love it so much. I love the NHS. I love the BBC. I love the Tube. I love the bus. I love tea. I love bacon sandwiches, I really do.

"And I vastly prefer writing in the same room as Sharon."

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