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Tale of teenage love claims top romantic book prize

By Robert Dex

Young love triumphed when a book aimed at teenagers won the Romantic Novel of the Year award for the first time.

Romance novelist Barbara Taylor-Bradford presented Joss Stirling with the £5,000 prize for her Young Adults book, Struck, at the central London event organised by the Romantic Novelists' Association.

The book, about a sinister conspiracy in an exclusive boarding school and the young couple, Raven and Kieran, who set out to solve it, is one of more than 30 published by the former diplomat and charity worker who writes under three different names.

She said: "My hero and heroine are very special to me in this book.

"Raven has a black American father.

"I think there are too few ethnically diverse heroines in YA so I'm trying to do a little towards setting the balance right.

The writer, who admitted she based the character of Kieran on "a young Sherlock of the Benedict Cumberbatch sort", said: "I wrote Struck as a romantic detective story where the denouement is not heading so much for traditional wedding bells but in a perhaps more contemporary direction of two young people moving toward a great working partnership - one that it is fun to imagine in the future, with plenty of romance too, of course."

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