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Tarot cards told me I'd move to London... I do believe in the supernatural, says Christine

Christine and Frank Lampard
Christine and Frank Lampard
Tarot cards

By Rebecca Black

Television presenter Christine Lampard has revealed that a tarot card reading told her that she would be moving to London.

The Newtownards-born beauty got her big break presenting the BBC's The One Show with Adrian Chiles in 2007.

The 39-year-old revealed in an interview that she loves having her tarot cards read and that the spooky ritual even told her she would be moving to the English capital.

Since becoming a household name on The One Show, she went on to marry footballer Frank Lampard, and now is a regular member of the Loose Women panel on the ITV lunchtime show.

Speaking ahead of Valentine's Day, she said the most romantic thing her husband could do for her would be to fill her car with petrol.

"He's very good with flowers and all those sorts of things but I'm not a huge gestures person. I don't need, like, a thousand red roses on Valentine's Day. I really don't," she told The Sun on Sunday.

"I would much prefer tiny little things every single day to all the fuss on the one day.

"It's the simple things, stupid stuff like filling the car up with petrol, or when I go back home and he has the candles lit.

"I'd take that on a daily basis to a big gesture on special days. Frank is very good like that. He's very thoughtful."

Christine said the couple would most likely be heading out for a romantic dinner on Wednesday night. The Co Down woman is set to front Celebrity Haunted Mansion which launches on the W Channel this month.

She admitted she does believe in the supernatural. "There are things in the world that we can't explain and as much as people can't accept that, that is the truth. You can't explain it and you just have to accept it," she said. "I've had my tarot cards read loads. I have a really good friend at home who classes herself as a bit of a white witch. She would read cards and all sorts. She's able to tell me all sorts of things. I did the cards more before coming to London and I remember one of the last times with her, she told me about coming here and it being a great thing."

Meanwhile, Christine also hinted that she hasn't ruled out having children. She currently helps to look after Frank's daughters, Luna (12) and Isla (10), from his marriage to Elen Rivas. The girls split their time between Elen and Frank.

"You get asked a lot about kids and it is the sort of question where you go, 'I don't know why anyone else is even remotely interested'," she told the Sun on Sunday. "It's just one of those things. We'll see what happens, that's how I see it. We've got Frank's little girls half of the week anyway so we've got a lot of kiddie stuff going on."

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