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Tarrant surprised by Afghan show

Chris Tarrant has admitted he is surprised Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? has been commissioned in Afghanistan.

The game show has been a phenomenal success worldwide, and Chris is proud to have hosted it's original incarnation in Britain. But even he is struggling to imagine an audience for the show in the war-torn country.

Chris said: "This sounds weird but it's actually going out in Afghanistan... It's weird, because you can't imagine any sort of normality in war-torn Afghanistan, but apparently there is, and there's a need for some sort of real world of watching TV."

But he is very pleased the show was invented in Britain.

He said: "Nobody expected the extraordinary international success. If you'd asked me [about it] back in 1998, I would have said, 'it's quite good this one, we'll get three years out of this'.

"It's just been a phenomenon. It is the most successful game show.

"We're dead proud of it because it's come from the UK and the Americans hate the idea that it's British, they always kind of play it down, but it is.They invented the cash game show and this one, the most successful of all, came from the UK. It was from a little pilot in London and it just went everywhere."

:: A new series of ITV1's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is back on our screens now.


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