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Tashie becomes first BB evictee

Teetotal belly dancer Tashie Jackson has become the first housemate to be evicted from Big Brother, to boos from the crowd.

Housemates Harry Blake and Aaron Allard, who won the most votes, where also up for eviction but Tashie, 21, from Oxford, will be the first to leave the reality show.

Fourteen wannabes, including a model, a wrestler and a Megan Fox lookalike entered the house on September 9 and are competing to win £100,000 prize money.

Big Brother made a comeback on Channel 5 just a day after the three-week run of Celebrity Big Brother came to a close.

Tashie, who, speaks five languages and also appeared as an extra in a Harry Potter movie, was the bookies favourite to get evicted.

She was one of five contestants chosen to party with surprise guest and former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson in the VIP area of the garden.

Tashie announced to the other housemates that she was in "shock" and that she did not understand why the crowd was booing her as the result was announced.

During her interview with host Brian Dowling, she said: "I am full of a lot of emotion right now, I thought as long I was just myself I would do well in the house."

When she was asked what she thought about the crowd's negative reaction she said: "You feel like the world is against you but at the same time you hear nice things said and I just focus on those.

"There are some amazing people in that house, characters that truly deserve to win, characters who maybe have a game and characters who are going to make entertainment. Ultimately I was just myself."


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