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Tatau cast 'faced coconut risk'

The star of a new BBC drama set in a tropical paradise has told how a safety officer had to make sure the cast were not killed by falling coconuts.

Tatau tells the story of some twenty-something backpackers who face trouble when they reach the Cook Islands, where the series was partly filmed.

It could be the last BBC3 drama to be broadcast on TV if the BBC Trust approves plans for the channel to move to the iPlayer.

Joe Layton, 23, who stars as Kyle, told Radio Times magazine that acting on location was not always easy.

"Every time I get in the sea, I'm like, how the hell did Daniel Craig do it in Casino Royale? There's coral spikes everywhere, the sun is so bright, and there's sun cream in my eyes," he said.

The crew also had to contend with "absolutely monstrous" coconut crabs, stray dogs and the heat.

But Layton said that the biggest potential danger was the coconuts.

"Coconuts kill more people in the Cook Islands than sharks do," he said.

"The safety officer's job was to look up, check where the wind was coming from and spray-paint no-walking zones - the coconut drop zone," he told the magazine.


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