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Taylor Swift meets Game of Thrones in Westeros take on 'Blank Space'

By Jess Denham

Taylor Swift and Game of Thrones are two pop culture phenomenons rarely seen together, until today.

This new parody video from Nerdist sees a bloke dressed up as author George RR Martin dancing around seductively (yes, really, it’s quite terrifying) and changing the lyrics of Tay-Tay’s chart-topper “Blank Space” to fit a Westeros theme.

Here, the song is not about inevitable relationship mistakes but Martin’s power to kill off characters whenever he so pleases. From blank page to death scene, just like that.

The crazy clip involves "fan favourite" Daernerys Targaryen being warned by Martin that she could be axed from his hit books and TV series at any time, just like one of Swift’s ex-boyfriends.

"You could die in a sword fight or burn in dragon's flames/ Just when they think it's alright I cross off another name," is one great sample from the impressive remake.

"Zombies, axes, giants, blades/ So many ways for a gruesome fate/ Red weddings, wilding raids/ Grab your head and smash your brains to mush/ Bones to dust, decapitation is a must" is another.

Quite something right? Nick Mundy, who stars as Martin, told The Hollywood Reporter that the video was shot over 12 hours at a "weird castle mansion in Hollywood".

"He's just the most excited guy in the world about what he's doing. So that's kind of the approach I took," Mundy said of his character. "He's killing everyone and has brothers banging sisters and stuff, but he's just the most excited guy in the world."

Season five of Game of Thrones reaches the UK on Sky Atlantic on Monday 12 April and you can check out the full-length trailer here.

Source: Independent

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