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Taylor Swift to support Gigi Hadid at fashion launch

Gigi Hadid is thrilled about her two collaborations with Tommy Hilfiger - new fragrance The Girl and fashion line Tommy x Gigi.

Taylor Swift will cheer on pal Gigi Hadid as she debuts her new collaboration with designer Tommy Hilfiger on Friday night (09Sep16).

At a press conference launching another Hilfiger/Hadid campaign for the fragrance The Girl, Tommy joked about finding the right seat for his muse and partner's pal when Gigi hits the runway at the launch of the Tommy x Gigi collection.

"One of the things that we really had to organise was getting the right seat for Gigi's friend Taylor Swift," he said.

Gigi will presumably be wearing her new scent, which has notes of cedarwood, pear and jasmine, for inspiration too, and she revealed Tommy has given her an added boost of confidence for the catwalk.

"I’m half of the designer, I guess I don’t have too many people to p**s off," she laughed about the Tommy x Gigi launch at New York Fashion Week on Friday (09Sep16). "I think it’s less stressful."

The campaign for The Girl has already showcased Hadid in a series of nautical-themed navy and blue outfits - a theme which spills over into the Tommy x Gigi collection, which the co-designers term military, sporty and nautical.

“I honestly, for every single piece, thought of someone different, my friends... I thought about what fans would like," Hadid beamed.

Hilfiger, meanwhile, insists the pair's collaboration is not a vanity one.

"A designer has never partnered with a model before and allowed the model to have a very serious hand in designing," he notes. "She chose the buttons and the fabrics and the colours."

A longtime fan of Hadid, Hilfiger says the pair met "a few years back" and he noted she "just glowed", adding, "When she hit the runway the fans were amazing - they wanted to buy everything she was wearing."

Guests at the Fashion Week event on Friday will be able to buy everything Hadid wears via touchscreen, which Hilfiger considers the future of style buying.

"You have to be ahead of the curve in this business, or in any business, or you’ll be left behind."

All the pieces on display will also be immediately available from and the flagship Tommy Hilfiger store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

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