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Taylor-Johnson wants more Kick-Ass

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has said he would be happy to play Kick-Ass again for a third film.

With comic book creator Mark Millar saying the films are a trilogy, the 23-year-old is open to reprising his role as Dave Lizewski and his bumbling superhero wannabe for Kick-Ass 3.

"We'll see. To do a third, sure," he said.

"What's great about the second one is it took a natural progression and break. It grew an audience over time, which helped to develop the story. If we could do the third one in four or five years' time, then maybe there will be somewhere else we could go with it."

The sequel, which comes three years after the release of the 2010 film, sees Dave being trained up by teenage assassin Mindy McCready, aka Hit-Girl.

Aaron admitted he was put through his paces, saying: "The role was physically demanding and in this film, he really gets trained up to fight. We did a lot of mixed martial arts type of stuff - jujitsu, boxing and things like that - so two hours a day, six days a week over three months is going to keep you in shape for sure."

The actor added: "When you're in it, you're motivated. It's fun to learn a new skill, discipline and fighting stance so that was really fun to incorporate it and bring that into Kick-Ass' new style of fighting."

Chloe Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Jim Carrey also star in Kick-Ass 2, which opens in cinemas on August 14.


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