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Tearful Sarah Harding recalls 'trials and tribulations' on Celebrity Big Brother

Sarah Harding is sick of being judged for the past.

Sarah Harding broke down in tears as she recalled the "trials and tribulations" she's been through over the years during an emotional chat on Celebrity Big Brother on Thursday night (03Aug17).

The 35-year-old singer is just one of the famous faces on the latest series of the British reality show. It has been reported that she had promised not to divulge details of her time in Girls Aloud while on the show, but it seems she might already be breaking that deal - just one day in.

The star found herself overcome with emotion as she revealed how much she is affected by negative criticism during a chat with Big Brother in the Diary Room.

"I know I've had my trials and tribulations over the years, a lot of which have been documented and a lot of which have been misconstrued," she said. "It's hurtful - I haven't got thick skin and I don't think a lot of people realise that."

Since Girls Aloud disbanded, Sarah had done her best to make a career for herself, with an ill-fated stint in Ghost: The Musical her latest attempt at a reinvention. But now the blonde beauty is hoping her Celebrity Big Brother gig will show people another side of her and boost her career.

"When that (Girls Aloud) all ended, I was like 'where do I go from here?'," she mused. "This is for me like getting a second chance to show people who I've grown into and I'm kind of a bit sick of being judged on the past because we all grow up at some point in our lives and you learn by your mistakes and your regrets."

Wiping tears away from her face and looking emotional, Sarah said: "I want to make the most of this experience. It's not every day you get another opportunity to sort of make the most of your life."

Sarah has been showcasing her vocal talents on the programme, and took part in a Celebrity Big Brother talent show on Thursday night's broadcast, alongside former The X Factor contestant Amelia Lily.

However, despite saying that her song choice, The Promise, is her favourite of her Girls Aloud tunes, Sarah still had to rely on a sheet of printed lyrics for the performance.

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