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Teen Wolf duo like Romeo and Juliet

Tyler Posey has revealed that Teen Wolf couple Scott and Allison will face a rocky road to romance in the upcoming second season.

The 20-year-old actor - who plays werewolf Scott McCall in the TV series, inspired by Michael J Fox's role in the 1985 film - admitted the loved-up pair are to live out a "Romeo and Juliet"-style relationship, because of their opposing lifestyles as werewolf and werewolf hunter.

"Scott and Allison have a crazy Romeo and Juliet love story going on. Allison's family, the Argents, don't want to hide anything from her so they try to separate them the best they can but the teenagers are very sneaky," he revealed.

Tyler teased that Allison's (Crystal Reed) status as werewolf hunter as well as his girlfriend doesn't stop them from continuing their romance.

"They have to hide their relationship, which is kind of sad but they still get it on. It's their first love - it's very sweet, very romantic, very cute, very mushy at times but also very hot and steamy sometimes too," he added.

Tyler also revealed that Scott is a "lot more mature this season".

"He embraces his werewolf abilities rather than dismissing them and being bummed about it. He is turning into a little superhero and it's awesome to see that," he said.

"Scott is such a troubled kid because of what is going on with him in his life. He's got a lot of problems to overcome. Hopefully he'll be able to handle it but you'll see."

:: The second season of Teen Wolf starts on Sky Living on July 12.


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