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Tennent's Vital 2016: Galantis Q&A with Belfast Telegraph

Galantis have played 167 shows in the past year - and one of those was at Tennent's Vital in Belfast. The Swedish dance duo made up of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw spoke to the Belfast Telegraph before their set and told fans to watch out for and exciting new release next month.

How are you feeling ahead of Tennent's Vital in Belfast tonight?

We are feeling good, really good. We've been psyched and hyped up to be back in Belfast

What are you expecting form tonight's crowd

We have heard yesterday was sick (Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined day 1) so the bar is really high. We will go out and do our thing. We have done shows here before and they've all been great.

And how has Belfast been so far for you?

We have a bunch of friends playing this festival. I was excited about the weather because I was told it was going to be sunshine and I was like oh no it's going to be hot, but it's perfect, I like it

What is it like to be playing alongside Avicii?

It's great - he's a good friend of ours.

What's the past year been like for Galantis?

It's been packed. Someone sent me yesterday an email of all the shows we've played. So in 12 months we have 167 shows. It's good. It's been a good year.

How does your set compare to other DJ sets?

We bring a lot of drums and live elements to our show. We have one foot in the DJ arena and one foot in something we kind of invented. It's very high energy, we bring the feeling of creating that we have in the studio and we bring that first to you guys, we bring that live on stage.

A lot of us going live is always to push ourselves and push the show to create something new. So we want to add something everywhere we go.

What song is getting the best reaction right now?

No Money, Runaway and then Peanut Butter has its places. It was a big hit in Europe but not everywhere. It feels like that song definitely has its fans. You never know, sometimes that song overshadows the others.

What happens next for you?

A lot of touring. We have a lot of new music coming out. We have something big coming out next month.

Can we expect the style of Galantis' music to stay the same or any changes coming?

It's hard when you are so close to your own music. But when you are enjoying making music everyday without even knowing it, you are changing. I think we are changing within Galantis but we won't all of a sudden sound like anyone else. This next one we are really proud of that one, it has a full orchestra.

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