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Terminally ill star Clive James still feels lucky despite illness

By Robert Dex

Broadcaster and author Clive James (74) says he considers himself lucky despite his battle against serious illness.

The Australian star, best known for his hit show Clive James On Television, was diagnosed with leukaemia, kidney failure and lung disease in 2010.

He told the BBC he was continuing to work but had "much less energy" so had to "budget it very carefully".

He said he was near the "departure lounge", adding: "I think it's important not to be morbid and the secret there is to keep a sense of proportion."

And he joked: "As my friend PJ O'Rourke once told me, he said, 'You're going to have to soft-pedal this death's door stuff, Clive, because people are going to get impatient.'"

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