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The 100 stars talk getting physical

Stars of new drama The 100 Eliza Taylor and Thomas McDonell admit making the show was extremely physically demanding.

The former Neighbours actress and the American actor are among the cast of the much-hyped new E4 show set in the future after a nuclear disaster has wiped out most known life on Earth. Described as Lost meets The Hunger Games, the show follows 100 chosen youngsters sent down from space station The Ark, to try and start a new life on the planet.

Eliza said: "We had a great stunt team, but the specific stunts that we did we had to do on the fly. So we didn't have any training before hand, it was more just, 'OK in this scene you're doing this, so let's teach you how.' Which was really fun actually.

"This was one of the more physically demanding roles I've ever played."

Thomas agreed: "One of the more physically demanding roles I've played also."

Eliza plays "goodie two shoes" Clarke and Thomas plays rebellious teen Finn. The pair meet for the first time on the journey to Earth, and despite being very different they find they have some things in common.

Eliza admitted the show transcended genres, saying: "I think it's got a real Lord Of The Flies-y tone on Earth and then up in space its definitely more on the sci fi."

Thomas added: "Lord Of The Flies-y is something that has been thrown around a lot."

And sparks are set to fly between the pair, who have to learn to stick together when it emerges there is still some form of life left on Earth.

Eliza said: "At first it kind of appears that they're going to butt heads, because Clarke sees Finn as kind of a wreckless person, and Finn sees Clarke as a goodie two shoes.

"But it becomes very clear in the first episode that they do have a lot in common, and want the same things - which is to get everyone to safety and create a peaceful society.

"And they seem to be the only two wanting that, at this point in time, and they bond over that, and it sort of develops from there."

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