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The Beatelles: Meet the women who are rockin' eight days a week


They're the Fab Four from Liverpool, and they're here hot from the Cavern Club, where they've been wowing audiences with their performances.

No, we haven't turned the OTL time machine back to the '60s – this foursome is the 21st century take on The Beatles. And there's one difference– they're all female.

Every major city in the world has its own Beatles cover band. Thousands of groups make it their aim to keep alive the music that was written nearly 50 years ago. Your average Beatles cover band is made up of four or five blokes who have picked up guitar riffs, drum fills and harmonies, aiming to make their music sound as close to the original as possible. Those bands are so-called "play-alikes". Some of them are even "look-alikes", all dressed up in full uniform. If at all possible, the band will include a left-handed bass player à la McCartney.

The Beatelles have chosen a different route. They bring an edgy, imaginative and high-energy take on the songs they've grown up listening to. They bring a feminine edge to those three-part harmonies, and team them up with some dreamy acoustics on some of The Beatles most beautiful love songs. But there are plenty of bluesy takes on later Beatles tracks, most notably from The White Album and Let It Be, too.

The Beatelles were started in Liverpool in 2007 by rhythm guitarist Catherine Cook, whose brother also plays in a Beatles tribute band. Like the rest of The Beatelles, she was born after The Beatles split up. But her father was a huge fan of the Fab Four, and he had her singing their songs as a little girl – the love of their music has passed down the generations.

Catherine was joined by bass player Louisa Roach and guitarist Stephanie Grace Kennedy and drummer Sian Monaghan.

The foursome have already played more than 100 gigs in the Cavern, where the Beatles famously made their name, and are even hoping to record in the iconic Abbey Road. It might be an idea to catch this fab foursome while you can, before they split. Tomorrow never knows.

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