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The Fall could last five series

Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan both admitted they are keen to keep making more series of The Fall.

Fomer Calvin Klein model Jamie got his big acting break in the first series of the BBC drama as serial killer Paul Spector and has now been cast as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie. Gillian, who plays detective Stella Gibson in the drama, is also an executive producer on the show, which is about to return to BBC Two for its second series.

Gillian revealed: "There have been discussions from the beginning that it would have a life past a couple [of series]... Stella and Spector are on a collision course, but that could happen in series five.

"There's certainly a desire from me, and Allan [Cubbitt, the show's creator]. He wrote the first and second entirely by himself. How feasible is it for him to continue by himself and when would we schedule it."

Jamie added: "We're all immensely proud of the first series. And when you're onto something as good as that, you want to see it through and honour it in a way that satisfies everyone."

The second series begins 10 days after the last series ended with the revelation that Spector's last victim had regained consciousness, tracking the psychological impact of the killings on the police team, the victims' families and on the city of Belfast as a whole.

Jamie revealed: "I think there's a slightly different tone with the second series, which is going to surprise people.

"We set out a lot of things in the first, where it was more about the act [of killing], and maybe the second series is more about what activates the act and the hunt [for Spector]."

"Definitely the hunt," agreed Gillian. "The team continues with the information they have and are following leads. There are more characters because the team is larger, and there's an interesting dynamic in having people in different aspects of the investigation working simultaneously."

:: The Fall returns to BBC Two on Thursday, November 13.


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