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The Fall's Bronagh ready to pack a punch in boxing movie

By Ann W Schmidt

A Northern Ireland couple are throwing their hats into the ring to make a short feature film set in Belfast about boxing.

Guard was written by The Fall actress Bronagh Taggart about nine months ago.

While Bronagh is an experienced writer, she had never written anything with herself in mind.

But for Guard, she will play the lead character, Katie, who lives alone and looks out for herself. Her outlook changes when her father comes back into her life after 15 years and decides to teach her how to box.

Around the time Bronagh wrote the screenplay, her husband, Jonathan Harden, who starred in Unforgotten on ITV, was looking for opportunities to do some directing.

He had attempted writing some scripts, but said he was not happy with the results.

"She asked me would I like to direct it, and of course at first I thought, Yeah, I'd love to'," he said.

"And then I read it and realised it was a really good script and I thought, 'You know what? Maybe you're better off asking somebody who's done it before'.

"But I guess we were both really keen for a change and to work on something together." Since their decision to create the film, Jonathan and Bronagh have been gathering a team to help them put it together.

So far, they have Bafta winner Michael Lennox as their director of photography and Emmy Award-winning Robert Sterne as their casting director. Mr Harden said he called them his dream team.

"It's just quite incredible that people have been so willing to jump on board," he added. "And I think that's less to do with me and much more to do with the script."

Production on the film will not start until early next year, when they start shooting in Belfast.

Jonathan said they could not afford to pay for the film themselves, so crowdfunding was their only answer.

"I've been thinking about it as a director for so long, but I haven't thought out why would people want to watch this," he added. "Doing the crowdfunding campaign forces you to see the value and also to make sure that there is value."

They will be launching the campaign tomorrow in the hope that their minimum goal of £8,193 will be reached. That covers the cost of filming, but does not include paying anyone for their help on the film. Their total budget, including post-production will total £12,129.

"We need eight (thousand)," Mr Harden said. "If we got 12, we would be the happiest people in the world."

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