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The public has voted: Lembit's out


Lembit Opik has been booted out of the jungle

Lembit Opik has been booted out of the jungle

Lembit Opik has been booted out of the jungle

Lembit Opik has been booted out of the jungle, becoming the second contestant to be voted off I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

The former MP found himself alongside Linford Christie with the fewest public votes.

Speaking to hosts Ant and Dec after leaving the jungle, he said he would miss his fellow contestants. "We're a real close team. There's a real sense of team spirit so I will miss them," he said. "It exceeded my expectations in a good way. First of all, I think I can survive the jungle."

He added: "Just in terms of my outlook, in relative hardship you can learn a lot about yourself from that."

Asked about food nutritionist Gillian McKeith, who has attracted headlines for her fainting episodes, Lembit said: "Gillian has had an incredible journey. She basically was phobic about insects and confined spaces, creepy crawlies and fish - everything this show is about. I kept telling her, 'Insects are your friends' and she really tried to conquer it."

The ousted Lib Dem politician also said he had now overcome his fear of snakes after being bitten by one during a challenge. He was nipped on a finger after he thrust his hand into a box containing an angry snake in an effort to avoid elimination from the ITV1 show.

Earlier on the programme, Jenny Eclair and Alison Hammond faced a Starbugs challenge as they went for a drink at a coffee shop with a difference. They drank gruesome concoctions including drinks made of turkey innards and maggots to win eight stars to feed the celebrities.

Alison admitted it was a "nightmare" and could not drink the Eye-Latte, made of blended pig and fish eyes, or the Shocka Mocha made from beach worms in brine.

Jenny did better but said she had to pass on Miced Tea made from blended mice tails "on ethical grounds as people have them as pets".

The atmosphere in the camp was not helped after Dom Joly was told to drop three stink bombs as part of a challenge to win goodies for the celebrities. He was teamed up with Stacey Solomon who had to tell every other contestant that she loved them. The pair also had to empty the water bags without anyone noticing.