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The Time Warp for Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson wants his singers on The Voice to do Rocky Horror Show song The Time Warp to warm up for the live heats so they stop worrying about embarrassing themselves.

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman said he and his band do the song together before their gigs and he wants his team - Christina Marie, Chris Royal and Emily Adams - to do the same.

He told Digital Spy: "I think the good thing about doing The Time Warp is that it's embarrassing. At this point you can't worry about embarrassing yourself because you're in front of so many people.

"This isn't the time to try and act cool - this is the time to be yourself and let that shine ... I do The Time Warp because it's a little bit like admitting who you are, and that's what people are going to fall in love with - not a kind of character you create."

He said he would be more nervous about the live shows, which are just around the corner, than his singers, adding: " I didn't think I'd care as much as I do."

Asked about the prospect of taking his singers on tour with him, Ricky said: "I'd have to ask the band. I'm still in a band, you know. I don't have total say - I've never had total say! So I'd ask them."


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