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The Vamps' James McVey struggled to get matches on Tinder

James McVey loves walking around his hometown and not getting recognised.

The Vamps' James McVey failed to get any matches when he signed up to dating app Tinder.

The handsome singer may be a member of the popular band and previously romanced Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, but that wasn’t enough to land him a date on the online platform which involves users swiping potential partners.

“When Tinder came out I had a single period and I never got matched. Not one,” he sighed to Standard Online, insisting his photos weren’t enough to put people off. “No, my pictures were just me.”

James, 23, isn’t short of female attention though and he and his bandmates Tristan Evans, Brad Simpson and Connor Ball have an impressive 10 million followers on Facebook and Twitter combined. The lads have been lucky enough to support popstars Little Mix and Demi Lovato on tour, but when spending time in his hometown James is able to enjoy a relatively peaceful life.

“We don’t live together so walking around at home I don’t really get recognised,” he noted. “I moved to London in the summer and I’ve been recognised maybe twice. But when we’re together it’s a different story.”

Brad, who joined him for the interview, chimed in: “It’s a lot about how you hold yourself. If you hold your head up (you’re going to get recognised). We’re four very normal people.”

The boys aren’t immune to being spotted in awkward places though as Brad recalled one fan approaching him in a sauna, dubbing her a “brave girl”.

“She brought the phone in and sat down and we didn’t speak. She went out and came back in and we had a chat,” he said. “She went, ‘Can I have a photo?’ and I said, ‘I’m going to get out now.’ I told her I’d take one later.”

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