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The Voice showdown sees sibling rivalry as Northern Ireland brothers take twin-track approach

By Nevin Farrell

Two competitive but friendly twin brothers from Northern Ireland are going head-to-head with each other on talent show The Voice this Saturday night.

James and Daniel Duke (24) from Banbridge will have a primetime TV showdown as their rivalry is played out on stage in front of millions.

Last night James revealed it all came about after his brother first qualified for the TV show and bet him for pride, not for money, that he couldn't repeat the feat.

James said it is not the first time he has followed through on a pride bet - revealing that Daniel bet him nine years ago he could not be a vegetarian so he did and he kept it up for seven years before going back to eating meat.

James lives at home with his mum Susan and dad Andy and works as a salesman at Greers of Antrim Volvo where his dad is a partner, while Daniel is a graphic designer based in Edinburgh.

Daniel qualified for the televised section of The Voice after performing in Glasgow and when he got through he issued a challenge to James who then got through the Belfast auditions.

James, who has joined a Belfast-based band called Car Chase City, said: "We have always been very competitive and Daniel bet me I wouldn't do it but when someone calls you out you have to do it.

"Nine years ago he bet me I couldn't be a vegetarian and I did it for seven years, but we are the best of friends."

Daniel, who has a group called Daniel and The Lion, said: "We are both super-excited and it is great to be representing Northern Ireland and although the show was pre-recorded we are sworn to secrecy. It is friendly rivalry. We have always been quietly competitive but we definitely support each other."

The twins got into music aged 11 when their dad bought them a guitar and James joked that they often had to fight each other to see who would play it.

Daniel got his first taste for performing by busking on the streets of Belfast and was at Cornmarket at Christmas but this Saturday night it is showdown time for the brothers.

James expects to watch the show from a Liverpool pub and Daniel from back in Edinburgh but at the family home in Banbridge the family circle will gather hoping the brothers can both be stars from the Co Down town.

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