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This Morning's Eamonn Holmes accent led to Twitter storm over 'use of C-word'

By Staff Reporter

Eamonn Holmes' Ulster accent set This Morning viewers spluttering into their cornflakes yesterday when they thought the Belfast-born presenter had dropped a C-bomb during the popular breakfast show.

The storm blew as Eamonn (56) and his guests were discussing supermodel Kate Moss's boyfriend Count Nikolai von Bismarck.

The glamour couple are holidaying in Greece with high society pals.

As Eamonn and co-presenter Ruth Langsford (56) examined a holiday photo of Kate and two men, Eamonn innocently remarked: "That one looks like the Count."

But Eamonn's flat (to English ears) vowels made stunned viewers think he'd blurted out the most radioactive swear word in the English language. That's when the marmalade hit the fan, as gasping viewers flocked to Twitter to share their horror.

Twitter user Callum Gillies posted: "Did @Eamonn Holmes just use the C word on live morning TV In the school holidays?!?!?!?!?."

Langsford - who is also Eamonn's wife - and guest Rylan Clark, the former X Factor contestant-turned-TV personality, had a fit of the giggles at what they thought was Eamonn's gaffe.

And Nottingham's Emma Keightley reckoned cheeky Eamonn was enjoying the double entendre: "'Love how they skirted round the fact that @Eamonn Holmes knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he said 'count'. Naughty boy!'"

Kelly Reynolds, wrote: "I had to rewind that back then! I thought @Eamonn Holmes dropped the c-bomb!!" And viewer Mrs B posted: "Did @Eamonn Holmes just say C*** on @itvthismorning ???"

Denying that Eamonn had deployed the highly-offensive four-letter-word, a source from This Morning source said it was all the fault of his Northern Ireland accent: "Eamonn was clearly referring to Nikolai's title.

"He was calling him a Count - it was a simple dialect misunderstanding," the insider told the Daily Mail.

It's far from the first on-air gaffe the popular presenter has been involved in recently.

Eamonn - who recently underwent a double hip operation - was described as "horrid" after making a brainy kid cry after defeating the child in a quiz on This Morning.

He also snapped at a fellow Sky presenter who telephoned while Eamonn was interviewing food entrepreneur Jamie Oliver.

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