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Thompson tells of The Jump fears

Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson has revealed her biggest fear about taking part in Channel 4's risky winter sports show The Jump is not taking a tumble during the sporting challenges but simply being on live TV.

The 24-year-old said she cannot cope with the "embarrassment" of other people seeing her if anything goes wrong during the heats.

She has spent weeks training for the programme at Innsbruck in Austria along with her fellow competitors, including preparing herself for a live ski jump which could decide who stays in the contest.

Louise said: "My main fear is all the live stuff, though - the jump, with everyone cheering you on. It's the embarrassment I'm worried about, the idea of so many people seeing it.

"I don't mind going down black runs, I don't mind going over jumps, I don't mind falling over. It's just the fact that it's televised that's petrifying."

She said she has been a keen skier since childhood, although she has not been able to visit the slopes in recent years because of work commitments.

"I've been so busy the last three or four years I haven't actually had a proper chance to get any skiing in.

"So this is my dream experience - six weeks of skiing and being in the snow. I love all snowbound activities. And the freezing cold, and the cool outfits - for me, it's just perfect," Louise added.

The series launches on Channel 4 on Sunday February 1 at 7pm.


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