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Tim McGraw powers through concert ideas with his band in the gym

The country star has launched a new line of personal fitness clubs to help fans stay in shape.

Tim McGraw uses his pre-show workouts in the gym with his band to perfect the night's set list and performance highlights.

The country star reveals he never exercises alone before a concert, and now it has become a ritual for his bandmates and himself to chat about the night's gig while they run and pump iron.

"We end up talking about the show a lot and talking about different things that we want to do and how we might change the light or maybe change a certain guitar sound," McGraw tells Entrepreneur.

"Some of our best ideas about the show come during our workouts," he adds. "It’s a direct translation to what we do onstage. When you’re out there with a team and you’re pushing each other to work hard in the afternoon, you do the same thing when you’re on stage together."

Meanwhile, the Humble and Kind singer, who has just launched a line of fitness clubs under a franchise partnership with gym company Snap Fitness and his longtime trainer Roger Yuan, insists he doesn't workout to look good, but to feel great before concerts.

"It’s not necessarily about how you look, it’s about accomplishing something," Tim explains. "Finding good habits turned into better habits and finding better habits turned into really, really, really great habits. I think it’s made my career stronger and certainly has given me more longevity."

Talking about his new gyms, McGraw hopes fans check them out and find them to be fun places, where they can improve their health.

"Fitness and healthy living are a key part of my music and life, which is why I want to encourage you to leave your comfort zone and get fit!” McGraw said in an Instagram post, announcing the partnership on Thursday (24Aug17).

Snap Fitness provides 24-hour gyms in various cities throughout the world.

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