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Timberlake: Don't call me cool

Justin Timberlake has said he doesn't want to appear "cool".

The singer and actor told the US edition of GQ magazine that he wants to be thought of as passionate instead.

"I've been doing this professionally since I was 10," Justin, who found fame on The Mickey Mouse Club, said. " If entertainment years were dog years, man, I'd be like Gandhi. I'd be like 250 years old."

"Listen, I'm not cool. Being cool is about keeping your blood pressure steady. So no. Don't be cool. Be passionate. Be dedicated. Be tenacious. Be uncompromising. Be p***ed. Be happy. Be sad."

The former N Sync singer, who is married to Jessica Biel, said: "I've made a career out of doing things that I should not be doing. I wasn't cool about it.

"Because being cool would have meant I passed up on those opportunities. If you do that, it's because you're afraid. And what are you afraid of? You know?"

Justin, who stars in Runner Runner with Ben Affleck, said he didn't enjoy criticism.

"Sometimes I find it funny that I've been able to acquire the patience it takes to be kind to people in our business. Because sometimes I just want to ... kill everybody," he said of his critics.

Justin joins actor Matthew McConaughey, comedian Will Ferrell, rapper Kendrick Lamar and the late Sopranos star James Gandolfini as the magazine's 2013 Men of the Year.


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