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Tina opens up about teen pregnancy

Tina Malone has told how she nearly had to give up her baby when she got pregnant as a teenager.

The Shameless star found out she was expecting aged 17 after a relationship with a man who had been in prison, reported the Daily Mirror.

Tina, 51, revealed in her book Back In Control that her parents were so worried they sent her to a Catholic home for unmarried girls until she had given birth, and she was told when the baby arrived she would have to give it up for adoption.

She said: "I didn't get to have a say. It was all decided for me. I would go into a home and stay there until I had my baby, which would then be adopted.

"I kept having to remind myself that it was 1981, not 1951. But all I could think was that I must be a complete disgrace for my parents to shunt me off and lie to everybody about where I was and what was really going on."

Tina bonded with her unborn baby while she was living at the home in Warrington, where she slept in a six-bed dormitory, and said when she finally gave birth to daughter Dannielle in 1981 it was "the best feeling in the world".

"Since everybody thought I was on a typing course I got no cards, no flowers, no phone calls, not a single 'It's A Girl!' balloon. My hospital room was completely bare. Five days later Mum was back to pick me up. Dad was outside in the car," she said.

"I handed Dannielle to the nurse. Leaving her behind was horrendous and, all the way home in the car, I sobbed."

However, Tina started sneaking out to see her daughter in hospital and soon told her parents that she wasn't signing the adoption papers. She said social services tried to pressure her to go through with it but she refused.

"I was keeping my baby," she said. "I had nothing, no baby things. Dannielle slept in my suitcase. But it didn't matter - I had my daughter and I was ecstatic."

Tina became a mum for the second time when she gave birth to daughter Flame in December, following a course of IVF treatment.


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