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Tisdale's tough training regime

Ashley Tisdale has revealed she has to endure strenuous training and a strict diet to maintain her figure for her "tiny" cheerleading uniform.

The actress, who stars in MTV's new teen drama Hellcats, said: "On top of all the dance routines for the show, I work out and train six days a week. We have 13 and 15 hour days. I'll wake up in the morning, go and work out with my trainer and then do a fifteen hour day".

She continued: "Even if I'm up at 5am for work, I'll still finish then go and work out. We're in such tiny little outfits, it's motivation. I have to make sure I work out".

The 25-year-old actress, who is set to reprise her role as High School Musical's Sharpay in the Disney movie Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, also spoke out about her disciplined diet:

"In the beginning I was really serious, but now, since we're almost done, I've been a bit more lenient" she said.

"I removed carbs from my diet, but I still have one cheat night on the weekend where I will allow myself to have pasta or a dessert. I might have bread, but if I do eat bread it's flourless bread."

She added: "I also eat a lot of protein, vegetables and fruit. On set I would normally love the snack service table, I love potato chips, but I've cut all that stuff out. Now I usually snack on apples and peanut butter or celery or carrots. It's not super exciting, but now that I've been doing it I don't have cravings for the potato chips. It's a good way of living".

:: Hellcats is on MTV from March 10.


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