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Tom Hanks and wife win apology from US tabloids over false divorce claims

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have described their 28-year marriage as the "foundation of their family" as they won rare apologies from American tabloids over false divorce stories.

The couple, who have long been regarded as having one of the most stable relationships in Hollywood, said articles in the National Enquirer and Star magazines were "lies we would not put up with any longer".

The publications, both owned by American Media Inc, have now apologised for stories that claimed the actors were divorcing and Hanks was having an affair.

In a joint statement released to The Hollywood Reporter, which Wilson linked to on Twitter with the caption: "We got a rare apology".

They said: " No true news organization could report that our marriage is on the brink of breaking up, but American Media Inc., owner of Star and the National Enquirer, often run fabricated stories to sell their tabloids.

"In the past, we laughed off their cover stories of our soon-to-be acrimonious divorce because those stories were so far from true, they were laughable.

"But our marriage is the foundation of our family, is sacred to us, and we couldn't allow such nonsense as we are about to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary next April.

"For Star and National Enquirer to profit by dishonouring what is so precious to us with such falsehoods were, we decided, lies we would not put up with any longer."

The National Enquirer apologised for a report in the October 10 issue of the magazine, saying it did not intend to claim Hanks was having an "inappropriate relationship" with Meg Ryan and was divorcing from Wilson.

The magazine said: " We apologise for and regret any implication to the contrary."

Star also apologised for the October 3 issue, in which it reported Hanks was having a relationship with his Inferno co-star Felicity Jones.

Wilson and Hanks married in 1988 and have two sons together.


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