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Tompkinson avoided midlife crisis

Stephen Tompkinson has said he's never had a midlife crisis - unlike his latest TV alter-ego.

The Wild At Heart star, 47, plays a lorry driver who is going through a wobbly patch after a divorce in new BBC drama Truckers.

"I'm getting to have my midlife crisis through his eyes," said the actor of his fake-tan wearing alter-ego, who because of a lack of funds has to share a house with the wife he's been divorced from.

"If I ever have one, it wouldn't be as dramatic as that. But I've never come to that crossroads - I've always been blissfully happy and nauseatingly fortunate."

His character has Botox injections that go horribly wrong and abandons a session with a prostitute, organised by his son, when he discovers that she was once in his ex-wife's Girl Guides group.

But Stephen said he loved playing the trucker.

"It's the most amazing part I've had since Brassed Off," he said, referring to the 1996 movie about a brass band.

:: Truckers begins on BBC One on Thursday, October 10.


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