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Torode: MasterChef win no guarantee

John Torode has revealed that competitors do not need to be a good chef in order to win MasterChef.

The Australian judge told the Radio Times that doing well in the culinary competition, which is celebrating its 10th year on BBC One, does not guarantee future success.

"If you win MasterChef, it doesn't mean you are going to be a brilliant chef. The programme is a springboard for someone who wants to change their life, but not necessarily for running their own restaurant," he said.

John, who judges alongside Gregg Wallace, also admitted those who do well in the restaurant kitchen round, where competitors are placed in professional premises for the first time, are unlikely to succeed.

"[If] the chef loves you, you probably won't win MasterChef because you haven't bucked the system, you haven't changed the mould. What you are doing is what they tell you to do," he said.

"You have to be doing something individual and different, and you have to push the boundaries."

The 48-year-old said working in a restaurant and competing in the show are very different.

"You have to make a creme brulee every single day on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for three or four years," he said of working in a restaurant.

"A chef has to be able to replicate the same dishes over and over again, whereas a cook on Masterchef is doing something different all the time."

The new series of Masterchef begins on March 26 on BBC One.


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