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Tovey likes Being Human in scenes

Russell Tovey has revealed his favourite scenes in supernatural TV series Being Human are those when his werewolf character gets to enjoy a quiet cuppa on the sofa.

The actor has his fair share of blood-curdling scary scenes playing George, but he insists it's the quieter times he looks forward to the most.

"Every scene where we're together, where it's basically Annie [played by Lenora Crichlow] making tea and us chatting, are the favourite ones," he said.

Now in its third series, the hit BBC Three show features a group of twenty-something friends, including a ghost, a vampire, and Russell's werewolf, attempting to live normal lives despite their afflictions.

Russell said he approved of the fictional housemates' relocation from the iconic pink home in Bristol to a "huge", more retro pad in Barry, Wales.

"It's an old B&B called Honolulu Heights, a big Seventies throwback and it completely suits the friends who are living in this eccentric, ramshackle house, which has disgusted everyone else who's viewed it. They call it home very quickly," he added.

In the new series George and his girlfriend, fellow werewolf Nina, begin to enjoy a less rocky relationship.

"George and Nina are now a unit, they're very happy together for once," Russell said.

"This is their fresh start. They have their vampire friend [Mitchell played by Aidan Turner] and it feels as though they're really on their quest for happily ever after - and that's what George has always wanted."

:: Being Human returns for its third series on BBC Three tonight (January 23).


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