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TOWIE's Jamie Reed was planning Amber Turner proposal before split

Jamie Reed confronted Dan Edgar over claims he slept with Amber Turner during a recent trip to Tenerife.

The Only Way Is Essex star Jamie Reed was planning to propose to Amber Turner before she dumped him.

The pair had been dating for four years prior to their split, which came amid rumours she cheated on him with fellow TOWIE star Dan Edgar.

And in an exclusive chat with Digital Spy, Jamie admitted he had been thinking about popping the question to blonde beauty Amber before she ended their relationship.

"We've literally just bought a new sofa, a new car and booked a holiday to Dubai. I was going to propose. Now, she's told me on national TV she thinks we've lost our spark," he told the outlet. "It was her decision. We don't live together anymore. She moved out when this whole thing blew up. It's been really hard. I don't know the full story just yet but it's my opinion that she has cheated and can't face it. That's why she left."

Amber has strenuously denied allegations she slept with Dan while on holiday in Tenerife, when she was still dating Jamie.

Jamie called Dan to ask him about the claims, and said that he denied them, but he's not sure whether he was telling the truth.

"I rang him up and asked what happened but he said nothing went on between him and Amber," he said. "Part of me believed him and part of me didn't. I can see his side of things. He's a single guy and if a good-looking girl is putting it to him, he's going to say yes. But that wasn't the right way to go about things. He should have checked she was single. Dan's been saying we're not friends but we've known each other a long time."

Amber has claimed she called time on her relationship with Jamie because they were no longer intimate and she wasn't happy. However, Jamie insists he had no idea about Amber's real feelings, adding she never hinted at them while they were together.

"She's trying to claim she wasn't happy but honestly, we used to speak on the phone like 50 times a day, talking about everything from the most important things in the world to if she's just seen a dog!" he said. "I was planning to marry her and have kids. Just a few months ago, she was telling everyone 'I hope Jamie proposes'. I don't understand what's happened. Is it fame? Is it TOWIE? Did she have this planned all along? If this was planned then that is the most twisted thing I've ever heard."

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