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Travolta: Flying feels fabulous

John Travolta has revealed that his children have caught his flying bug.

The Oscar-nominated actor and avid aviator visited air traffic control in Heathrow and visited the cockpit of an A380 as part of his role as ambassador for Australian airline Qantas.

"As far as the desire to travel and the desire to be in the air, they love it. And thank goodness, I don't know what I would do if they didn't, because I love it so much. I'm really thrilled that they feel that way," he said of his children.

"I fly several jets and I flew from my house to Deauville, France. Then I took a short flight from Deauville to London, and I'm off to Dubai. I brought my two children with me and we're all looking forward to Dubai because we've never been."

John, who is a certified private pilot, flew himself from his Florida home to the Deauville film festival in France, where he received a lifetime achievement award.

"It's always nice to get acknowledged for your body of work. To be acknowledged for that is a fabulous feeling," he said.

But getting behind the controls on an aeroplane gives John a "great" feeling too.

"I like the sensation of flying - the take offs, landings and the art of landing. I love the design and look of aircraft - it's like seeing a building or architecture that I love. Airplanes... are these gorgeous creatures of design," he said.

"I love the ability to take my mind off the rest of the world and concentrate on what makes this work and the joy of navigating from A to B in all sorts of conditions with a professional attitude and to land in a new destination and feel great about what I've achieved, is a great feeling."


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