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Trey Songz: 'Keke Palmer lied about video drama'

The actress ranted about feeling harassed after finding herself featured on camera, allegedly without her permission.

R&B star Trey Songz has blasted Keke Palmer for complaining about appearing in his Pick Up the Phone promo, because he made it clear the party was a video shoot.

The Scream Queens star slammed Songz on social media in late January (17) after she saw herself briefly featured in the video, made to accompany his and rapper Fabolous' remix of Travis Scott and Young Thug's track of the same name.

In her online rant, Keke claimed she had been unaware Trey was shooting a video when he invited her over to "party", and asked him not to turn the camera on her. She went on to accuse the singer of secretly recording her at the bash and using the footage without her consent, and vowed to take legal action.

At the time, Songz simply urged fans not to believe everything they read, insisting they needed to hear both sides of the story before passing judgement, and days later, Keke claimed the pair had reached a resolution and it was "all love" between the pals.

Songz has now opened up about the fall out in a candid interview with New York City radio show The Breakfast Club, maintaining everyone present for the party shoot knew it was being filmed for a video.

"Ain't nobody put her on camera without asking (sic)," he explained. "There's a sign on the door: you step on the premises, you will be recorded. Point blank; period. I don't have to say nothing else about nothing (sic)."

The Bottoms Up hitmaker revealed he had tried to ignore the social media drama because of their long-running friendship, but after Keke claimed she felt harassed on the video set, Trey had had enough.

"She was doing the most to defame me," he said. "I thought that was wack (crazy)."

He continued, "I don't care that much to sneak Keke Palmer in the video for two seconds. Who the f**k does that? I'm gonna sneak you in the video, Keke? No, I'm not. F**k out of here (sic)."

The singer also takes issue with the 23-year-old suggesting they had spoken after the fall out to clear the air.

"That's a lie too. I ain't talk to her (sic)," he stated. "I ain't call her. I ain't try to call Keke. None of that (sic)."

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