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Trinny and Susannah praise Vanessa

Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine have praised Vanessa Feltz - for being so good at being nasty about them.

Vanessa was among those who cameoed in the TV fashion gurus' internet mockumentary series Trinny and Susannah - What They Did Next, which is now being shown in its entirety on Channel 4.

Susannah said: "In terms of celebrating what people have criticised us for, people like Vanessa Feltz were brilliant at it. She's like 'they're just two posh birds who are so patronising' - saying all the things that the press have said about us over the years and doing it brilliantly. She was so amazing in it. And us kind of taking it and having a good old laugh doing it and listening to her."

The pair, who had not been predominantly seen on British television since their ITV series Trinny And Susannah Undress The Nation in 2007, were happy to send themselves up in the spoof fly-on-the-wall show.

:: Trinny And Susannah: From Boom To Bust airs on Channel 4 on Thursday September 30 at 9pm.


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