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Turgoose proud of Grimsby pub job

Thomas Turgoose has said he doesn't feel ashamed to be working in a Grimsby pub between filming projects.

The young star played Shaun in 2006 film This Is England and rejoined the cast for the TV spin offs This Is England '86 and '88, but has swapped film sets for pulling pints in his home town for the moment.

He told The Sun: "My career has had its ups and downs. As long as I'm happy, f*** it, who cares if I work in a pub?"

Thomas, who also appeared in the TV adaptation of Birdsong, added: "I'm Grimsby through and through. I don't like London and I wouldn't live there."

His new job is a temporary measure to make ends meet before his next acting work begins, but Thomas reckoned he'd have roles on tap soon enough.

"I've got loads of auditions coming up and I'm filming This Is England '90 in August and September. I'll be glad to be back doing what I love."

Thomas stars in horror film The Hatching alongside Justin Lee Collins, due to be released on May 31.


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