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TV comic to stand for Parliament


TV comic Lee Nelson is standing for Parliament

TV comic Lee Nelson is standing for Parliament


TV comic Lee Nelson is standing for Parliament

TV comic Lee Nelson is to stand for Parliament - in the by-election for David Miliband's former seat of South Shields.

The character, created by funnyman Simon Brodkin and who has his own BBC Three series, intends to contest the election on May 2 after handing in his nomination papers this morning.

He will contest the election as Nelson, standing for Lee Nelson's Well Good Party, and read out a speech on the steps of the Town Hall in South Shields.

And he delivered a "17-point manifesto for a Well Great Britain" with a series of eye-opening policies, including issuing each child with lottery scratch cards at birth, and upping the recommended daily allowances for drinking.

Earlier this month Brodkin, who qualified as a doctor, escaped prosecution following his arrest in March for sneaking on to the pitch and training with the Manchester City team prior to a Premier League match. He had dressed as one of his characters, Jason Bent, for the stunt at Goodison Park and was given a six-month conditional caution at North Liverpool Community Justice Centre.

As he announced his candidacy, his "chav" character Nelson said: "I want to be your next MP, I want to serve the constituents, better the lives of the people of Great Britain but mainly, like every other MP, to get 65-grand a year, a second home and anything I can get away with on expenses."

But he may not have endeared himself to the voters by saying: "I promise to put South Shields on the map - I looked yesterday, I could not find it anywhere."

He added: "David Cameron, George Osborne, Boris Johnson - I wasn't educated at Eton or Oxford. In fact, I wasn't educated at all. It's time to give the posh the push. And let Lee be your leader for a well great Britain."

The seat became vacant after former Foreign Secretary Mr Miliband - brother of Labour leader Ed - announced he was stepping down to take up a role as chief executive of the International Rescue Committee in the US.

Nelson, who wears a baseball cap and leisure gear, joked: "One of the Milliband twins, I ain't sure which one, has abandoned you to take a gap year in America. Which means he'll be in South Shields just as often as he was before. I'm here now, and I spent all morning speaking to real people on the streets of the North East and I can tell you now - I didn't understand a word they said."