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TV host faces climbing challenge

Alex Jones is on a quest to be a high climber - by scaling a dizzying peak which is higher than the Shard in London.

The One Show host is in training for a Sport Relief challenge which will see her hauling herself up a 1,200ft rock-face in Utah which is expected to take three days.

The TV presenter will even need to sleep in a suspended tent en route to the summit as she tackles the Moonlight Buttress in Zion National Park with the aim of raising tens of thousands of pounds for charity.

She has put in three solid months of training in preparation for her vertical adventure and when she finally begins her ordeal, Alex will burn up to 700 calories per hour as she clings on with aching muscles, cuts and bruises.

Alex said: "Despite having no climbing experience - except the odd tree - I felt compelled to say yes to this challenge.

"To be honest it's daunting and the intense training has been incredibly tough. I can't quite get my head round hauling my body weight up one of North America's tallest vertical rock faces.

"I'll also have to try and master suspended sleeping and the delicate issue of 'toilet etiquette' but the thought of helping those in need will get me through and I am relying on the public's support to make all the difference."

Viewers will be able to track her progress with updates on The One Show from March 17 to 20 at 7pm, and sponsor her at


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