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TV man to experiment on his blood

TV presenter Dr Michael Mosley will sample a black pudding with a difference - one made from his own blood - in a new BBC documentary.

Dr Mosley, who in a previous show on parasites deliberately infested himself with tapeworms, is taking an in-depth look at blood in a new BBC4 programme.

He will carry out six "bold" experiments on his own blood, including injecting it with snake venom to see how it can clot within seconds and starving it of oxygen.

The Wonderful World Of Blood, featuring specialist photography to "look at blood as never seen before", is one of several new BBC science shows announced today.

Other programmes include a year-long examination of a single oak tree and a look at what happens to life in the womb.

In Oak Tree on BBC4, viewers will see explorer and TV presenter Dr George McGavin inspect a 350-year-old oak tree in Wytham Woods, near Oxford, in "meticulous and forensic detail" over a whole year.

The film aims to give viewers a "new appreciation of and insight into Britain's best loved tree".

Dr Mosley also presents Nine Months That Made You on BBC2, a look at the "minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour" development of a baby in the first 280 days of life from a single cell.

The BBC screened a Horizon documentary, The Nine Months That Made You, in 2011, which looked at how much of a human being's health has been determined by the time we get out of the womb.

Other programmes include Natural Born Hustlers presented by Chris Packham, on how animals deploy optical illusions, camouflage and mimicry to stay alive.

The documentary will feature "cross-dressing birds, a lizard which fakes its own death and two-timing monkeys".


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