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TV's Polizzi 'thinking about Botox'

TV presenter Alex Polizzi has admitted that she has started to think about Botox - after discovering how much she had aged on-screen.

The Fixer star is back on TV, this time turning her focus from the hotel to the restaurant industry.

Asked whether she watches her programmes, Polizzi said: "Yes, it's awful but it's amazing how you realise the passage of time.

"I'm 43 and I can't believe how much I've aged in the past few years - probably since I had my son (in 2013). You think 'Maybe I should start thinking about Botox'.

"In a very boring, female way, I'm quite obsessed with how I look but I'm under no illusions. I'm not on telly because I'm pretty, I'm on telly because I know what I'm talking about."

Asked about her own viewing habits, Polizzi, granddaughter of hotelier Charles Forte, said: "I don't watch things like The Apprentice because the characters who apply are so repulsive. It's a parody."

The mother of two added: "I'm amazed at how violent TV is these days so I love that half-hour of children's TV I watch every day."


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