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Tweet spotting ‘Sideshow Bob on the move’ delights Simpsons fans

“That’s German for ‘The Bart, the’.”

Driving along in the pouring rain can be an arduous task, but one journey was made considerably more enjoyable thanks to an unusual Eddie Stobart truck.

Anna Gray spotted the lorry, which was missing half its sign at the back, while her boyfriend was driving her home along the A1.

The missing part of the sign left the words ‘die bart’ – a Simpsons reference that didn’t go unnoticed by Gray.

She tweeted: “Sideshow Bob’s on the move” and fairly rapidly went viral.

True Simpsons fans all began making the same joke in relation to one of the episodes where Sideshow Bob justifies his “Die Bart Die” tattoo by saying it actually means “The Bart The” in German.

— MJC II (@Chapman2311) June 28, 2017

Who doesn’t love a classic Simpsons reference?


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