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Twiggy on the ‘complete unadulterated love’ she feels as a grandmother

The 1960s fashion icon and her daughter are joining forces for a new fashion collaboration.


Model Twiggy has told of the “terrifying” love she felt when she became a mother, and how she feels the same way now that she is a grandmother.

The fashion star told Hello! magazine of welcoming her daughter Carly in the 1970s: “When I first had Carly, I loved her so much that it was terrifying.”

Twiggy became a grandmother when Carly, 39, welcomed a daughter of her own called Joni two years ago.

She said: “What I could never have imagined is that I would love another child as much as I love her.


“But then Joni came along and what I feel for her is complete unadulterated love. She’s brought a whole new dimension into my life.”

She added: “When I’m not working, I jump into the car and drive over to spend the day with her and Carly. My husband Leigh (Lawson) jokes that he’s gained a granddaughter and lost a wife.”

Twiggy also has a grandson by her stepson Jason called Solomon, who was born a few months before Joni.

The style icon and her daughter are joining forces to work on their first fashion collaboration together for M&S.

Carly, who is from Twiggy’s first marriage to the late actor Michael Witney, said she is thrilled to be working with her mother.

“Being invited to design the latest collection with her was a dream come true,” the fashion designer said, adding that she has “always wanted to work with Mum”.

Twiggy added: “Carly and I have always been very close. We’re very lucky we get on so well; not every mum and daughter experiences the type of relationship we have, but our love for one another just grows stronger.”

Carly said that Twiggy has inspired her how to be a mother herself.

“When I was growing up, Mum had an extraordinary life and had to travel a lot, but she took me everywhere with her,” she said.

“Now I’m a mother too, I’m taking my lead from her; I want to be with my little girl Joni every day of her life.”

Read the full interview in this week’s issue of Hello!

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